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The Brimstone Door

The Hell Bound Chronicles: Book One.



Coming Soon


Love can turn to hate in the blink of an eye, leaving the one rejected seeking to return hurt for hurt.

For eons, Lucifer has been searching for a way to do just that, and thanks to an ancient scroll and what it revealed, he stands one step closer to his goal. All he needs to find now is one certain human…

Kelsey’s life was just how she liked it; settled. A situation she intended to ensure remained unchanged. Life though likes to throw curve balls, and it tossed one in the shape of a tall, drop dead handsome male named Luc Patrick at her.

Their lives are about to be changed in ways neither expected. Will they be able to adapt? Or will the changes be so drastic it breaks them? That is something only time will tell…and it’s slowly running out for them both.

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