I've always had a love of reading. Books became my friends at an early age, and when I discovered my local library it was like I’d found my own paradise. I've lost count of the hours I spent within all the amazing worlds I discovered. 

I attended University where I undertook studies in business and computing, intending to pursue a career in business. However fate had other plans for me as events in my personal life placed me in a position where I had time on my hands and an active imagination. Pushed by my need to put down on paper what my mind created I began to write. Encouraged by my friends who enjoyed my stories I began concentrating more on my writing, something for which I am eternally grateful to them for. 

After publishing my first books I knew I had found my voice and now I write books which run from paranormal fiction to urban fantasy and paranormal romance.  Now every morning when I get up I can't wait to see what new stories and adventures will appear, demanding to be written.

When I’m not found in front of my laptop, I love to spend time in my garden, or curled up on the couch with either a movie on or a good book. Though you can be sure a notepad and pen won’t be far from me. After all you never know when inspiration will strike.


     I bid you welcome to my sometimes strange, but always wonderful world.


About Me