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The Resurrection City Series: Book Two.



Coming Soon


When you’re forced to work with your nemesis – all bets are off

With her family being used as leverage to ensure she behaved, Belladonna Noir found herself in the unwelcome position of working for Dante Savion – Master of the City, and the vampire she’d sworn to destroy. With nothing she could do to free herself from the mess she was stuck in, she vowed to make his life as miserable as hers.

As she set to work to keep her vow, fate stepped in to change her plans. An old enemy from their pasts, returned, and new ones rose. Their arrival leading her to a point where she is faced with making a decision - one which could have far reaching implications.

Does she hold to her anger and her vow? Or does she channel one and break the other to help fight against the threat facing them all?

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