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The Demon Prince Series: Book One.



Coming Soon


Centuries earlier, Prince Darake made a decision. The repercussions binding him to his realm. Unable to leave and prevented from finding his destined mate, not even his trusted brothers held the power to prevent his descent into the dark. Someone had to pay for the pain he carried, and through a prism he found his victim - a female in the realm of humans. As he suffered, so would she…

Running from her past, Jessica built a new life in Brey City. A place where no one knew her, and she became just another face in the crowd. But soon her dreams are invaded by a male who is handsome and holds an attitude which sparks her own. She fears his presence will bring into the light what she has fought so hard to keep hidden, destroying everything she had built.

Two worlds clash, and as events spiral out of control around them, can they put both their differences and trust issues aside long enough to not only face a threat barreling towards them, but deal with their growing feelings for one another before time runs out?

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