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Love Strikes

The Nocturnus Series: Book Tw0.



Coming Soon


.Being chained to a desk wasn't what Alex Garant expected when he agreed to step into his cousin's shoes while he was on his honeymoon, but paperwork it seemed had other ideas. So when the chance to visit Mexico City on a business trip dropped into his lap, he grabbed it with both hands, intending to spend some of the days relaxing and indulging in some sightseeing.

All Dani Wilson wanted was a simple vacation, a chance to take a break and escape from her everyday life, and Mexico seemed the perfect place to do just that. Booking the first holiday that caught her eye, she looked forward to days of sun, relaxation, and peace. But as with most things in her life, nothing went completely according to plan.

Fate intervenes causing their paths to cross, setting them on a journey which will change their lives forever.

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