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BloodTears Completed.jpg

Blood Tears

Vampires of Rose City Series: Book Three



Coming Soon


A single decision made when her mind was clouded, resulted in Laura placing herself in the hands of an ambitious monster. One who had Gregori Duchan in his sights. Finally realizing the truth she knew she had to escape, but with a steel door between her and freedom, and her rising hunger threatening to consume her, Laura knew her time was fast running out.

Even though he was hit hard by Laura's act, Gregori refused to give up on her. While no one would stop him searching for Laura, time might be the one hurdle he couldn't surmount. With the sand rapidly falling to the bottom of the hourglass every second became vital as he used all the resources at his disposal to find his rose.

Would fate work in their favor, reuniting them before the final grain of sand fell? Or would the world of one them come crashing down?

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